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January “Wardrobe Orphan” Challenge!


Is your closet full of wardrobe orphans???  Items that have no outfit “home” or perfect match?  Garments that sit lonely wishing they could be worn, but you’ve never taken the time to pair them or create a fabulous look with them?

Poor things!  It’s time to foster and love those orphans!  With sales aplenty this month, let’s take the wardrobe orphan challenge.


Each and every one of us have them. I would guess we probably have 4-12 at least. Items that just never get worn for one reason or the other. Well this month, let’s vow to care for 1-3 wardrobe orphans each week. That means these under -or never- used items need to be given some love.

Choose 1-3 orphans each week and design an outfit around it, have it tailored to fit properly or donate/consign it. If you really love it and nothing from your current wardrobe works with it, set a thrifty chic budget and buy something to pair it with. The point is to stop neglecting the items that you loved enough to bring home in the first place. Take the time to figure out how to make them work!

Show the orphans some love in the new year!

You can do it!