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National Compliment Day – January 24th!


Want to make more friends? Look more lovely? Be thought of more positively??? ┬áStart practicing for National Compliment Day – January 24th.

My grandmother used to tell me to find something that you like about everyone and be sure to tell them. I know this sounds like simple advice, but in fact, it helps you truly discover what you like and who you want to be.

I often talk to people about developing a personal style, or creating a unique image and that absolutely starts with knowing what you like and what makes you happy.

A beautiful and transformational way to gather this info, is to begin to recognize what you like in the people around you. What they wear, how they carry themselves, work and treat others. And when you see what you like, say so. Compliment them.
I actually pay my children $0.25 a compliment when we go to parties or social events. Yes, I pay them to compliment people. Though they are very young, I know this is a great way for them to engage people, make friends and be thought of more positively. But more importantly it helps them define what they like and are attracted to.
So let’s all celebrate National Compliment Day – January 24th. And if you want to start a little early, we will all be happier for it.

You can do this!