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Pin Curls


Pin curls!pin curls

With Celebes like Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry & Lady Gaga sporting perfectly pin-curled waves, the interest in spiral set locks has been soaring.  This “do” from the past is super simple and can be set at night for stunning easy morning glamour.

With damp hair that has a leave-in-conditioner from the ears down, part off 1″ sections of hair and wrap it around your finger, away from your face, creating a spiral of hair.  Loosely remove it from your finger, gather it into a tight ring and fasten to the scalp with bobby pins.   You can cover your entire head with pin curls and you still should be able to sleep comfortably.

Make sure your hair is completely dry and remove the pins. Spray your brush with hairspray and brush through the curls for gorgeous, Veronica Lake waves that would make Jessica Rabbit jealous.  This gorgeous look just takes $2 worth of pins and a little practice with your hair spirals. The results are totally worth it.  You can do it.

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