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I just returned from one of the largest gift shows in the country preparing for all things fashionable for spring 2014 and I am here to tell you that monogrammed anything and everything is more than a trend….it’s practically a life style. People have gone monogram crazy. You can put a monogram on everything from your rubber rain boots to your car steering wheel and seat covers.

monogramsBut when I think about monograms, I remember the days of taking things to the embroiderer and waiting for days and paying a hefty price to have things preciously stitched with my initials…well those days are over.  The monogramming craze of today has been accelerated by the advancement in heat press technology – also known as – IRON ONS!

Yep!  Most of the gorgeous monogramming you see and envy these days are simply ironed on and cost a fraction of the price. You can find LOADS of monogramming sites on ETSY.COM that will send you your letters or designed medallions for just a dollar or two!  I AM NOT KIDDING!  You can now monogram your undies for as little as a dollar!

With Christmas right at our doorstep, this week is the time to order your iron-on monograms for crafts and gifts. This personalization makes even the thriftiest items seem rich and super thoughtful.  Let the fun begin!!

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