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Fishnet Tights

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Nude Fishnet Tights!

A cost cutting, sexy secret of the ROCKETTES!  Nude fishnet tights!fishnet

A long standing secret of show girls and broadway dancers, nude fishnet tights are a super sexy, no run option to regular over the counter panty hose. A professional pair of nude fishnet dance tights will cost around $25 with the padded foot, but the incredible support, even skin tone and long wearability makes them an amazing bargain. The good ones can be washed over and over, line-dried and offer years of wear.

Nude fishnets are an unexpected dose of SEXY that always add a perk to your day.  Plus they look incredible with dresses, shoes and boots as we move in to winter.

You can find great tights on discount dance sites, so the next time you feel you need to wear hose, choose nude fishnets instead. This will offer an immediate style boost and save you tons and runs over time.

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