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De-stressing for the holidays!


Many many studies have been done on the fatal effect of stress and as we head into THE MOST STRESSFUL TIME OF YEAR, I wanted to offer some scientific results on one of the best ways to de-stress. The results are fascinating, fashionable and THRIFTY!knit

Knitting is a top 10 de-stressing activity!
Studies show that repetitive motions — like the fine motor skills used to knit, make jewelry or cross-stitch — can soothe anxiety. ¬†Knitting fulfills the two criteria of mindfulness practice, the repetition of a sound, word or movement, and the passive setting aside of intruding thoughts and returning to the repetition.
Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, while you’re commuting, traveling or watching TV, knitting can take you to a deeper level of relaxation, as well as give you a creative outlet for something THRIFTY AND SUPER CHIC!
There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and loads to learn on Pinterest.  So let this be your year to learn or pick up those knitting needles. Your heart, mind and wardrobe need something knitted!

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