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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

It’s a new beginning and a time for resolutions. We all know that if resolutions are too hard and drastic, they will be broken within just a few days, so let’s talk about a few changes that we can make that will stick!

All my years working on the NBC show STARTING OVER taught me that we all want more love, money, beauty/body-care and family. This is a simple universal truth.

These desires can be interpreted differently for everyone – like finding a partner, excelling at work, stronger family ties or a better body and health…but basically we want to make strides in the L.M.B.F. arena.

So if we know that improvements in these areas can make a major difference in our lives, we should dedicate at least 30 minutes a week, 2 hours a month, 24 hours a year – One full day of 2017 – to improving each of the L.M.B.F. categories.

Maybe this week, you give yourself an at-home facial, work on your dating profile, take the lead at work and call an old cousin you haven’t spoken with in years? Next week, plan a hike, update your resume, shop for a new dress and send some thank-you notes. Week three, schedule brunch with an old friend, open a savings account, take a Zumba class and get a haircut.

The point is to realize that LOVE, MONEY, BEAUTY & FAMILY are at the core of all of our needs and desires, so we need to keep taking the baby steps each week of the year that will surely add up to big improvements by the end of 2017.

Bring on the happiness, 30 minutes at a time!

You can do this! And you are worth it.