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Gift Cards

Gift Cards were the 2nd most popular gift given this Holiday Season. You probably received one or have one laying in purse or drawer. So here are three ways to make the most of your holiday gift cards.

1. Make sure they don’t expire! There is nothing worse than letting good money go to waste. Check and make sure your cards don’t have an expiration date. Photograph the front and back of all of your cards so you have them stored in your phone for when you want to use them, even if you accidentally leave the actual card at home.

2. Use your gift cards to buy big-ticket items that you want, but hate to pay full price for. Those leather boots, designer bag or new coat become “affordable” when you use your gift card like a coupon. Don’t use your cards for things you “sort of” want – use them for things you’ve been wanting for a while.

3. Your gift card dollars will go further if you can use them during the huge holiday clearance sales. Try to go to the stores, touch and feel the quality and check the value of what you’re buying to avoid returns and lost sales opportunities that happen via the net.

Enjoy spending free dollars!!