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New Year’s Eve

The three super-easy things you need to ring in the New Year with great style! Come on! Start 2017 with a little effort and pizazz!

1. Wear something sequined!

Whether it’s a sequined tee shirt, leggings or a fabulous dress, wear something with sparkle on the best party night of the year. Even if you’re just going to dinner with friends, don’t miss the chance to shine.


2. Glitter your eyes and nails!

Great style is often in the details, so don’t forget to bejewel your eyes and nails for New Year’s Eve. When everything else is a little basic, your eye makeup and nails can turn the style dial to “fancy” with minimal effort. So don’t forget the iridescence and glittery fun for your lids and tips!

3. Special hair

Take the extra ten minutes and do something extra with your hair!! Add a braid, some curls, an updo or crimping.

Just do something different and special. Even if you’re in a 20-year-old outfit, special hair, glittery eyes/nails and something sequined will have you looking ready for a New Year’s rocking Eve!!

You can do this! Have fun!