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The Fade

The top three reasons the Fade has been the most requested haircut of 2016!

1. It’s the ultimate blend of conservative and rebel, messy and neat, good guy and bad boy. The top can be a hot crazy mess, but the cut to short says I’m still boardroom ready.

2. If you are going to do facial hair, you’ve got to keep a clean cut or you run the risk of looking like Grizzly Adams. You can’t have a bushy beard and a bushy head of hair.

3. The Fade is a facelift for men!! Yep! Keeping the temples to the neck super trim and the top longer, reshapes your face and lifts everything, making you look 10 years younger in minutes. This is THE youthful haircut that works on every man, every time.

If your fellah needs a little revamp, start with a Fade haircut. He will look modern in minutes… then you can work on his jeans and shoes! Hahaha!

You can do it!!