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Fur Nails

This week I’m not waxing poetic about how we can better this or that, how to improve your look or solve your skin problem. Nope. This week, I am speaking to the women of the world who do not have to wash dishes, clean baby bottoms, scrub bathrooms or even bathe themselves…or at least without wearing gloves.

This week I’m talking about a nail trend to end all nail trends. A trend that will make it tough to do anything but LOUNGE! Please get ready for a full set of FUR TIPS!

Yep! Not kidding! It’s award season and as Hollywood and the music industry set out to one-up and snag attention, the latest wow-er is fur nails.

These glued-on nail covers are tending in colors and lots of faux fur lengths. You are to groom them like you would a poodle tail, trimming them into uniformed tips or letting them poof like dandelions.

If you are looking to take a week off from washing – pretty much anything – and ready to be waited on hand and foot, because this trend will prevent you from being able to do much of anything, this is the look-at-my-fingernails fun-time you must try.

This is crazy and I kinda want to try it!! Who’s with me?