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Hand-painted Clothing

Clothing and accessories as your canvas!

With the development of swift and inexpensive textile printing, designers have hit the paints and are creating amazing garments and accessories that are true works of art. Hand-painted clothing and accessories are a major trend for 2017, as unique, personalized, artisan pieces take precedence over mass-produced common clothing.

My favorite aspect of this trend is that YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN WEARABLE ART!

Just like any big-name designer, each of us has the ability to paint on our own clothes to create a one-of-a-kind look that is eye-catching and special.

You can find washable fabric paint at any craft store and lots of tutorials for applications on YouTube. What a fabulous way to level-up anything and put your unique stamp on your fashions. Think of how many things can be your canvas!

You can do this.