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Mixing Plaids

I’m always looking for ways to repurpose and rework my wardrobe to look fresh and modern. I love when I can achieve this with little investment. But when it can be done without a dime’s worth of effort, it truly rocks my thrifty world! So get ready…this is a free way to look totally hip, super chic and very cool this season.

I’ve talked to you before about mixing patterns and how to do that effectively and with flair. You may recall, to pull this look off effectively, you need to maintain the same color families. As long as all of the prints you’re wearing have the same or similar colors, the groupings will work.

In that vein, this season, the hottest trend is to mix and match your plaids! Lots of them. And just like with prints, as long as the colors in the plaids are the same or similar, it looks fresh and new.

It doesn’t matter if you’re mixing all large, all small or a combination of large and small plaids, this look will instantly update your stuff and give you a fabulous fashion edge. This works for both men and women, so give it a try.

You can do it!