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Hair in a can

Just like the iPhone and dungarees, the first inception or version of a product is not always the best; and as time goes by and technologies advance, improvements are made to products that make them much better…in fact, really great.

Some of you may remember when HAIR IN A CAN was introduced in the 80’s. The idea was that you could spray colored hair fibers on a balding area and it would cover the balding area, making your hair look fuller and thicker.

The original was a great idea, but there weren’t a lot of colors to choose from, and moisture, sweat and rain could be quite problematic.

New improvements and competitive products have made spray-on hair an amazing solution for lots of hair issues. There are now dozens of colors to choose from, the color spray fibers completely cover gray, the products stimulate growth AND they cover thinning areas, making your hair look amazing.

You can even create an ombré hair effect with the sprays.

If you haven’t thought about HAIR IN A CAN for a while, you may want to revisit the idea. If you have problems with thinning hair, super fast gray grow out, or are looking to create a modern ombré effect that’s not permanent, here is your answer!!

You can do this.