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I super love the holidays and truly enjoy giving gifts! I love choosing my wrapping paper and ribbon each year and making each gift a little work of art, wrapping each one with care and attention to detail.

Really, I enjoy gift-giving because I have figured out THE BEST GIFT STRATEGY in the world. Even though I have a very long list of loved ones to buy for, I don’t sweat it…and here’s how.

About 7 years ago, I discovered a product so fabulous and helpful that I wanted to give it to everyone on my list. So, I bought two dozen of them, wrapped them all and shipped them off. EVERYONE LOVED THEIR GIFT! It was a hit and so easy!

So the next year I started looking for another awesome, revolutionary product that had changed my life that year. What did I want to buy again and share with my peeps? Once I knew what that was, I again, sent that item to everyone on my list.

Now, I’m 7 years into sharing my new product-find each year and all of my friends and family can’t wait to open their gifts. They know I’ve spent a year thinking about and searching for something I’ve tried and love! This is honestly THE BEST SHOPPING TIP EVER! Buy everyone the same, fabulous, wonderful thing. It saves time, money, energy and your giftees will love it!

You’re welcome.

Now go enjoy the holidays and don’t sweat gift-giving!


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