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Temporary Tattoos

Making fabulous and lasting temporary tattoos!

Are you thinking about some ink?

There are some fabulous ways to test-drive your skin art before taking the permanent leap (or even just play around with some body art for special occasions!)

The temporary tattoos that we’ve all applied from the Cracker Jack’s box are created on an art paper called WATER SLIDE PAPER. Waterslide paper can be printed on just like photo paper, so you can print ANY design on it and apply it to your skin with a moist cloth and a little pressure, just like the ones from childhood. You can find waterslide paper at craft stores.

The second temporary tattoo method is super simple and can last for a couple of weeks. All you need are Sharpies, baby powder & hairspray.

Create any design you want with the permanent markers (fine-point Sharpies are great for heavier details). Once it’s dry, generously pat with baby powder. Seal it with a thick layer of hairspray and use a q-tip to clean up the edges.

This method will help your creation last for days or even a couple of weeks.

Give one of these temporary tattoo methods a try before you go under the needle. You might change your mind, your tattoo location or even tattoo size.