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How to stretch your jeans out… allowing room for a little extra Holiday cheer

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Okay… so I’ve gained a little weight. Not a lot, but it’s driving me crazy. I know I’ll get it off, but it’s not enough weight to need new clothes, just enough to make me uncomfortable in the ones I have… my jeans especially.  And this is the time of year I wear my jeans the most!  So, I’ve reverted to some old tactics to make my jeans fit a little better during this brief time of puffiness.

I used to do this with my jeans to make them fit better, before the days of added Lycra and spandex. I would buy a pair of basic cotton jeans that were exactly one size too small and then I’d get them on and sit in the bathtub with water as cold as I could take.  You then take them off and let them line dry and viola, you’ve got a butt-loving pair of perfect fitting jeans.

Now of course I am employing this technique for new reasons… I’d prefer my top not to be muffined… but my old stretch method works great.  If you don’t have time to sit in the tub, you can also spray your jeans with water while you have them on. Once you’ve got them wet, whether in the tub or with a spray bottle, you want to do some stretches, lunges and swats to loosen the weave of the fabric. Again let them line dry and for even more added room, iron them.

Ironing your jeans flattens the weave of the fabric and additionally works to offer a little extra room.

So, enjoy some extra holiday cheer and don’t worry about your jeans ’til the new year. They will still fit!