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Holiday Sparkle… minus the evening gown!


It is the season to sparkle and get “dressed”, which truly makes me happier than a kid on Christmas morning. I love showing up to a party and being surrounded by gorgeous people who had fun planning their outfit, hair, makeup, accessories and obviously enjoyed getting dressed.  it just makes everything about the party better!  But there are many events and gatherings this time of year that are a little more casual, and hey, a girl still wants to “represent” right?  So here are my three favorite ways to add some holiday sparkle to an everyday basic.  These will make any casual house party a little more special and keep you shining until after the New Year.

First you’ll need to buy 1/2 to 1 yard of stretch sequin fabric.  You can buy this at any fabric store and it is not that expensive.  1 yard will cost you less that $20 and you can do a ton of fashion-y/crafty things with a yard of stretch sequin fabric.  You don’t have to worry about hemming this fabric or finishing the edges.  The sequins will cover them! (BONUS!) Choose a gold, bronze, silver or any rich color you like.


With your newly purchased “yard of shine” – Add a large sequin bow to the back of a super soft scoop neck sweater.  This is super easy.  No sewing machine required.  In fact, you can even safety-pin this on.  It will add such a sexy touch and then you can take the bow off for washing! Just add jeans and cute shoes and you’re the hit of the party!

– Create a removable sequin collar by adding two collar pieces to a piece of ribbon.  This will fancy up any basic sweater, tee shirt or dress.  Again in a pinch, safety-pin!  You can just cut the collar out of your fabric using a blouse collar as a pattern and then safety-pin or fabric glue it to the ribbon.  YOU CAN DO THIS LADYBUG–I PROMISE! You are going to be beaming with pride when those complements role in, I mean you look so casual chic!
unnamed (2)
– Add sequin elbow batches to a basic sweater.  It’s amazing what this does to up-level the look of your cosy, run-about sweater.  That $60 fisherman pullover will look like a $300 designer creation, just by sewing these patches on…or fabric gluing if you are allergic to sewing!  It’s genius and you’re going to LOVE it!
unnamed (3)
I know you are heading to the craft or fabric store anyway to get your holiday swag on, so go ahead and pick up some stretch sequin fabric.  Let me know all the other ways you’ve used your “yard of shine” to help spruce up your wardrobe.  I can’t wait to hear how you’re looking like a million, without spending a fortune.  Enjoy and SHINE SHINE SHINE!