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Chainmail isn’t just an annoying mailbox intruder, it’s a slinky, sexy, shiny, metal fabric that is making a HUGE comeback this season.

Perhaps it’s the major success of the Wonder Woman movie or Game of Thrones, but warrior wear, more specifically chainmail tops, dresses and accessories are super hot and sexy this season.

These metal mesh items add a tough glamour that’s hard to match. Chainmail is a little bit of everything cool. It’s shiny, tough, metallic, sexy and luxurious. It glides over the body in a reptile armor-like fashion and adds glitz to any occasion.

Chainmail was very popular in the 70’s and you can find vintage pieces in quality vintage stores. Or, you can scour the attic of the 60-somethings in your life and see if you can’t unearth a little chainmail treasure.

Think about where you can add some chainmail, you can do this!