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Heated Clothes

The hottest fashion this winter, quite literally, is heated clothes!

With temperatures dipping into the record books all over the country, it’s easy to see why the latest battery and app technologies are being applied to outerwear and underwear! The future is here and you can now comfortably and fashionably WEAR your heater!!

Lightweight, powerful lithium batteries with USB port charging capabilities and Bluetooth app controls are what you’ll find incorporated into everything from fashionable jackets, to vests, gloves, mittens, socks and boot liners.

No longer do you have to layer numerous garments to create warmth! You can now dial up the preferred temperature for any item you’re wearing. The higher temperatures will render less battery life, but almost all garments I researched promised at least two hours of heat when on the highest setting, with most garments offering up to 12 hours of heating when kept in the 130 degree mid-range.

These items are revolutionary for people who work outside in the elements as well as winter sports enthusiasts. Frozen toes and fingertips are a total thing of the past with heated socks, gloves or boot liners.

These hot garments are game changers and the technology is only getting better, so read some reviews, and think about what item might make a huge difference in your life this winter.

We live in amazing times!
Happy New Year!