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Emergency Gifting!

Emergency gifting!

There always seems to be one person you forgot to add to your holiday gift list or a long-lost cousin who unexpectedly shows up with a sack full of gifts for your family.

It’s never a bad idea to have a couple of extra gifts on hand that are super thoughtful and which anyone would love. Here are my all-time favorite gifts that are sure to please everyone on your list.

1.MARVIS French gourmet toothpaste! This box set is fantastic and features 7 flavors like licorice and cinnamon. These toothpastes are amazing and everyone loves to try them all.

2. A snowman-making kit! Every family will love having a tidy collection of all the necessities to make an adorable and memorable snowman. Reusing the collection means you get to rebuild your FROSTY buddy every time. So fun and thoughtful!!

3. Lighted makeup mirror AND cell phone charger! What woman doesn’t want this? It’s a lifesaver in two ways. It lights up to make a fabulous compact AND is an extra battery for your cellphone. Win-win!

4. MISTLETOE candle from Yankee Candle. I buy dozens of these a year. Teachers love them, our mailman, my hairdresser, our minister… There isn’t anyone who doesn’t love the smell of this wonderful holiday candle. It’s so simple to drop it into a gift bag or just add a bow. This makes a wonderful gift for everyone on your list.

You can do this!!