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Are you tired of summer time chaffing?  Wish there was a breezy alternative to basic undies in the steamy hot summer months? I have the solution, it’s the same one your great-grandma had, but it’s been revamped with modern designs and fabrics – BLOOMERS, ladies!

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Bloomers have made a huge comeback as designers and entrepreneurs are developing breezy slip/pettipant hybrids that ladies are crazy about. These loose, lacy undershorts are super comfy under sundresses, perfect to keep your shorts from riding up and are even cute peeking out from under tunics. They are an off-shoot of the gaucho/culotte trend and I for one am crazy for them.

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Some designers have even created full lace skorts to mimic the old fashioned look of bloomers. These look adorable with feminine tops and seem like retro naughty fun pants. Love! Love! Love!

I mean, who doesn’t want to try a silky, loose pair of bloomers with a sundress on a hot summer day.  I think this is genius and I totally understand why stores can’t keep them in stock.  Plus it’s so fun to say – BLOOMERS!