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Summer Socks for the Guys!

Fellas, I am sorry, but there is NO SOCK EVER INVENTED THAT LOOKS GOOD WITH SHORTS! EVER! In the history of EVER! Men simply look ridiculous in socks, shoes and shorts… and don’t get me started on socks and mandals.

This announcement is sure to put several men into a tail spin.  The thought of going sockless ignites horrifying thoughts of sticky, stinky shoes, sweaty feet and bad blisters. Of course women struggle with shoe issues such as these all the time except we have to add 5″ heels to the mix, but I digress.

Socks and shorts are just a bad bad look. The worse of coarse is the black sock, black sneaker, black shorts combo. This looks ridiculous. If you know someone doing this, please encourage them to stop. This black below the belt combo is the absolute least sexy summer thing a guy can put on. No one is going to give you their “digits” in this look.

The solution to all of this horrible fashion or lack there of, is simple!  It’s NO SHOW SOCKS!

Yes!  NO SHOW SOCKS!  Socks that do not come up over your feet and/or ankles, but just cover the outside edges of your feet, leaving the top bare.

Men, you can find these online and in stores and they are super comfy. This gives you a “no show” look that keeps your legs looking shapely and your summer outfit looking chic.

So there is no reason to SHOW SOCKS in the summer. Choose NO SHOW socks and magnetize the ladies!!

You can do this.