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DIY Makeup Setting Spray!


In the heat of the summer, with my combination skin, there is only ONE product that I can’t live without. It costs $35 a bottle and I just found the recipe of how to make it at home – YES! YES!! YES!!!

Makeup setting sprays hit the market hard about 7 years ago and ladies, including myself, absolutely love them. They keep your makeup on all day through sweat and activities and offer a dewey glow that makes you look 10 years younger.

Some of my favorite makeup setters are from MAC, SKINDINAVIA and NYX. The atomizer bottle for this product is extremely important because you need a nice misty spray that lightly coats your face, and when it comes to bottles, I love the Skindinavia one.

So to make this $35 makeup saver at home all you need is:

PURE glycerin  – which you can get at  the pharmacy or grocery store. Just ask the service desk.

PURIFIED WATER – find it in the water aisle.

You mix 1/4 cup glycerin
3/4 cups of water

Viola – you’re all done.

If you have oily skin add a table spoon of witch hazel.  That’s it!
Then put it in a misty spray bottle.

I can’t believe I’ve been paying $35 dollars for a small bottle of this stuff.

I am so excited to try this and it’s going right into my expensive professional bottle that offers the perfect mist.

Let me know what you think. We can do this ladies!