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Whether you’re working out, looking for a quick “3rd day” or “4th day” hairstyle, creating hair drama for a night on the town or adding romantic flair for a special occasion, headbands can be a girl’s best friend and they have never been more popular.

But from the wire, to the fabric, banana or elastic, all headbands have one thing in common… they can be hard to keep on your head!  Am I right??

So I have the perfect headband trick that will keep ANY hair accoutrement in place.

This trick costs pennies and I bet you have it in your drawer right now.

Simply add a ribbon or dollop of hot glue to any headband to keep it from slipping and sliding. The dried and cooled hot glue, will grab your hair and keep it in place perfectly.  It works on barrettes too.  Try it. You’ll enjoy wearing headbands again.

You can do this!