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To blue or not to blue…

To blue or not to blue…that is the spring question!

For years now the application of shades of blue eyeshadow and blue eyeliner have caused more “highbrow” cosmetic debate than global warming.

Is it cool? Is it dated? Is it retro? Is it cheap? Is it chic? Trashy??? Fabulous???

Well this spring, the debate revs up once more as designers dressed most eyes in vibrant palettes of blue for their fashion shows…but do we mortal-non-runway-walkers dare to wear blue eyeshadow in the light of day and gasp, to the office????

I say yes! A touch of turquoise blue on the eyes is a fabulous way to ‘spring’ into the season even when we are forced to wear coats and sweaters in April. But here’s how to make this look work for everyday.

You want to choose a fabulous turquoise or blue eyeliner and simply ADD that to your daily, routine shades of browns and neutrals. By adding the liner to the top of brown liner on the upper lid, OR the inside corners, OR to the inside rim of the lower lashes, this will give your entire cosmetic look a spring kick in the britches. You don’t have to fully wash your lid in color. Instead use a blue liner strategically for a fabulous effect.

You can buy an eyeliner for under $6 so this is a fun and inexpensive experiment, so give it a try. Remember, this is an add on and not a replacement to your normal eyeshadow routine. You can do this.

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