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The Forgotten Lashes!

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The forgotten lashes!

There is nothing new about big, bold, long, thick lashes.  A dozen or more potions have hit the market in the past few years offering the longest, thickest lashes you can imagine and women everywhere are addicted like crack.  So with everyone, going banana-junk crazy for lushes lashes, it was only a matter of time before the trend hit the bottom!

Yep, big, long, thick, even false LOWER lashes are all the rage this season as designers had this Twiggy throw-back trend on all the models for Fall 2014. So why is this a big deal??

Most of us stopped wearing lower lash mascara a few years back to avoid the mid-day raccoon look and keep the focus UP not down. So the lower lashes are truly the forgotten lash land for most of us.

If you are one of those ladies that never use mascara on the bottom, but you’d like to try this trend, here is a trick to help keep your bottom lashes looking crisp and not smudgy.

Use a lengthening and thickening mascara on your top lashes and a water-proof mascara JUST ON THE BOTTOM LASHES. Yes, use two different mascaras on your lashes.

Waterproof mascara is harder to remove and often requires scrubbing–a real no no for the eye area, and you don’t need to wear it all over, you only need it on your bottom lashes. Once you’ve applied waterproof mascara to your bottom lashes, then tip the lashes with a dusting of powder…just on the tips, not the whole lash. These two tricks will prevent smudging and running.

So give it a try. Change things up a bit. This is a painless trend that you might like. You can do it!