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End of Season Wardrobe Weed!

An end of the season wardrobe weed!

As summer comes to a close, it is time to start thinking ahead – like chillier days and warmer, cozier clothes – ahead.¬† Don’t add another thing to your fall/winter wardrobe until you take a clear inventory of your current closet. What items do you need to DONATE, RECREATE, CONTEMPLATE¬† and what FITS ME GREAT?

DONATE, RECREATE, CONTEMPLATE & FITS ME GREAT become the 4 simple piles that will help you take back your closet and wardrobe. Ask yourself:

When is the last time I wore it?
Does this send the right message?
Does it fit?
Would I buy it again today?

Then apply each garment to the correct pile.

Your DONATE pile can turn into cash through a tax write-off or consignment. The RECREATE is a pile that needs tailoring. Keep in mind that if the tailoring job is more than $25…you may be able to replace it completely for just a few dollars more. CONTEMPLATE is just that; you need a little more time with these garments. Give it a year and if you haven’t warn it…DONATE. The FITS ME GREATS go back in your closet and viola. You feel ready to face the Fall/Winter with a refreshed closet and a renewed perspective on your wardrobe.

You’ll feel so much better!¬† You can do it!