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The Boyfriend Jacket

I just got back from Europe during fashion week and my head is reeling with style inspiration. But the one trend that I know is going to be an absolute must for everyone here in the States this year is the men’s blazer… a.k.a. the boyfriend jacket.

Beautiful European ladies were wearing men’s blazers everywhere and with everything from lace dresses and maxis to jeans and cutoffs. This is a fabulous go-to look that is sure to be adopted by ladies everywhere. It’s too easy and cozy to resist!

If you have a stylish fellah in our life who’s wardrobe you can raid…you’re all set! Otherwise, take a walk over to the men’s sale rack and see what you can find for fall. The men’s blazer looks fabulous as a sweater replacement or even as outerwear with a popped collar.

You can do this!