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Magnetic Lashes

Perhaps you’ve seen all of the social media buzz about magnetic false eyelashes! This genius idea promises you’ll never have to glue your eyes shut with eyelash glue again. Simply click top and bottom lashes together on top of your own lashes and – viola – you’re gorgeous in seconds….

(Record scratch to a halt!) Not so fast.

The lashes come in an awkward, straight, square shape that requires a little finagling. The goal is to add the volume to the outside corner of the eye, extending the length and glamorizing the look of your lashes. The magnetic eyelash set is not supposed to extend across the entire lash bed. Also, the small, square shape is a little odd.

It’s truly hard to make these look natural without trimming them. So you’ll need some mustache or nail scissors to help create a better, tapered shape.

It’s best to apply a coat or two of mascara first, then hold the bottom lash set under your own lashes and apply the top set until they click and attach to eachother. A toothpick will help scooch them into comfortable place. Apply more mascara as needed or desired.

As if all that wasn’t weird enough, the true tricky part is removal. I applied these specifically to test them for y’all, and when it came time for removal…pop…the magnet did not stay attached to the false lash!

Not wanting to blind myself, I closed my eyes tight and used eyemakeup remover to get the two tiny magnets off of my eye lashes.

So I’ll chalk this expense up to self-sacrifice for the good of my fabulous readers! These lashes never saw the outside world, and I won’t be trying another pair!

If you love the look of fuller lashes, but hate the glue and trouble of applying false lashes, give magnetic lashes a try. Just be prepared to trim them, prod them with a toothpick and know you may only get one wearing out of them (if that).

You can do it!