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Super Glue


Super Glue!

This time of year my hands really take a beating. I do all I can to keep them from getting dry and chapped, but last week I lost the battle. My fingers were so dry from activity, they actually split and I had two cuts on my right hand index finger. The cuts hurt so bad and I had so much work to do I was constantly aware of the pain.

A friend told me she uses super glue on her minor cuts and I looked at her like she was nuts. She promised it worked, so I googled it and sure enough, super glue has been used by medics since the Vietnam war to seal minor cuts on your hands and keep moisture out so it can heal.

I tried it and it totally worked!!  I couldn’t believe it. The cuts in the bend of my knuckles dried up and now just a few days later are healed. I know it sounds crazy, but medical experts agree that the sealing property of the glue is great for minor skin splits and paper cuts. It keeps the moisture and germs out of the cut on active hands so your body can heal itself. Genius!!!

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