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Sock-fit Boots

The latest trend in boots is socks!!

Sock-fit boots have become the snug, go-to boot look that designers love. Yeezy, a.k.a. Kanye West, even created a sock boot that sold out at $895 a pair!

I love this look…and the fact that it can be created for less than $10!

All you need is a uniform pair of heavy socks, skid resistant pads for the bottom of your shoes and a fabulous pair of stilettos.

Slide your stilettos into the socks so that the shoes take the form of your foot in the sock. With a pair of scissors, cut a very small hole allowing the heel to come through the socks and roll the edges of that hole under so they’re unseen. Then simply add the skid resistant stickers to the socks at ball of your shoe sole. Boom! Sock-fit boots!

You can do it.