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Lace-back Bras

The most beautiful and feminine shift in bras can be found on your back!

I visited Paris for the Salon De La Lingerie show, to capture the latest trends in underthings and ready-to-wear… and this year, the back is where it’s at!

The most beautiful, romantic and bold statements are being made in lace-back bras, which are meant to be seen in backless or off-the-shoulder tops. Every designer is working to outdo the rest, with lace details, geometric strapping and even “tattoo back” mesh bras. They are all gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable.

If you haven’t shopped for new foundation garments for a while, you are sure to be amazed at the beauty on the back. So plan to buy yourself a little gift. These lace-back bras make you feel so fem and special, and you are worth it!