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This time of year the weather is torture on our hair and skin.  Old man winter quite literally beats us up, but I have a luxurious solution to help relieve dry skin and hair dilemmas and give us an excuse to indulge!

Research shows that silk, when used as sheets, pillowcases and/or pajamas helps hold the moisture in your skin and hair preventing dryness and split ends.  Silk pillowcases have also been proven to reduce wrinkles and preserve your skin.  Plus they will helps save a blow out or hairstyle from knots and damage while you sleep.

Silk offers both warmth and cooling ventilation, so if you’re prone to night sweats, silk will help you regulate your system, keeping you both cool and warm, insuring you get more sleep.

So, I can hardly think of of four better reasons to buy silk pajamas and sheets.  They will save your face, skin, hair and help you sleep better!  I think that makes them worth that pretty penny!   Plus, you deserve the luxury… it’s healthy!