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Saving Some Scratch!

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Okay, this week’s tip is one that will save both your skin and your wallet.

When I tell you that I’ve done this for over 20 years and I’ve never offered it up as a tip… I’m not kidding. I thought you’d be a little judge-y… I mean there’s thrift and then there’s divide the two ply toilet paper THRIFT!  And I know where this falls…but here goes.  And for the record, I even do this when I’m staying at a hotel, because I enjoy the results!

So when I first moved to NYC many moons ago and was fully responsible for myself for the first time, I quickly realized, as I hauled my own laundry four blocks to the laundry mat every week, that big, fluffy, oversized bath towels were a COLOSSAL waste on every level. They were expensive to wash and dry, they were a huge drain on energy and water, used way too much detergent and fabric softener, they were heavy to carry and worst of all they weren’t the best for my skin.

I began using wash clothes… yes small, cheap, wash clothes to dry my body after a shower or bath.  I quickly realized wash cloths were much much better for my skin… and my wallet… and my tired back.

When you use a wash cloth, you actually end up leaving a little bit of moisture on your skin, so it isn’t left completely dry. When the wash cloth gets too saturated, you simply wring it out and wipe your body again. The moisture that’s left is absorbed into your skin and is actually much better for you, especially in the winter months.

You simply don’t need that huge towel. Plus you can use a fresh washcloth every time you get out of the shower and not feel guilty at all about your power bill, laundry detergent use or water consumption.

I know this all sounds extremely thrifty, but the fact that you are actually helping your skin in addition to the environment are reasons enough to give it a try. I think you’ll be really surprised. And who doesn’t need to save a little cash these days?  Just try it!

Okay… let the cheap “judgement” begin!  My moisturized thick skin can take it.   :o)