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I have done several tips about sweater pilling over the years because I am constantly looking for a solution. Being a southern girl in the northern cold, I stay swaddled in sweaters and I hate when they pill and get those wooly bobble bumps, because they immediately start to look cheap, no matter how much I paid for them. Pilling is just the worse.

I have encouraged you to freeze your knits…which actually does work, so do try this.  I have also suggested you comb your sweaters with a fine tooth hair comb, which can also work in a pinch. You all probably already know that you can shave your sweaters and use a pumice stone to remove the pilling.  But my new favorite way to care for sweaters and stay yucky sweater bump free, is pure genius.  VELCRO ROLLERS!

Yep, a Velcro roller brushed across the pilling will pick up your wooly clumps and leave your sweater or knit looking new.  I love this, because you can keep a small Velcro roller in your purse or bag and nip those pills in the bud as soon as they start. No need to let things get way out of hand.  Break out that roller and get to swiping.

You may already have some Velcro rollers in your bathroom stash, but if not, you can pick a couple up for just a couple bucks. Yaaay!  We have one more weapon in the war on yucky pilling.  Stay warm!