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Holiday Shimmer Gams!

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Want a fun and easy way to add sparkle and whimsy to an old holiday outfit? Just add DIY glitter tights/nylons or thigh highs!

You can make these in less than 15 minutes and they are sure to be an outfit hit. All you need is a pair of tight, nylons or thigh highs, some newspaper, spray adhesive or mounting glue, glitter, hairspray and a hanger.

Stuff the legs of your tights with the old news paper so that you don’t glue the legs together.  Spray the newspaper stuffed tights with the adhesive and sprinkle the glitter on. Shake the tights, spray more glue and repeat until you get the amount of sparkle you are looking for. Keep in mind that when you put the tights on, the glitter will not be as dense, so it’s okay to use a lot of glitter. Let them dry on the hanger.

When you are ready to put them on, step into the bathtub and slide into them. This will allow all of the access glitter to be captured in a space that an be easily cleaned up. Once you have them on, rub off any loose glitter and then spray them with hairspray to additionally lock on the sparkles.

Viola…your sequined shorts look hotter, your circle skirt looks more festive and your little black dress looks a lot less basic.  So cool!