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Perfect Getaway Packing

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Summer is here!!! Summer is here!!! Summer is here!!!

Where should we go??

Three-day weekends and getaway possibilities abound and I know packing light, looking chic and being prepared can make the whole experience better, so here are my three quick tips for perfect getaway packing.

1. Only pack items that can be worn in two different ways and with two other things. In other words, can it be dressed up and dressed down and does it work with more than one thing I’m already packing?

A simple dress, for example, that can be worn as a beach cover-up or with heels and accessories to dinner. Or maybe, a great pair of gauze pants that can be cuffed with flats and a tank for shopping and sightseeing and worn with a sequined top and heels for dinner.

2. Pack in color stories so that all of your accessories — shoes, bag, hat and sunnies — all work with what you’ve packed.

For example, choosing a navy & red color story will allow you to pack great red shoes, red bangles and earrings to coordinate with navy stripped tees, nautical bathing suits and white summer dresses. Everything will look fresh and stylish without defaulting to basic black and tan.

3. Choose a travel bag that can also be taken to the beach, picnic or other weekend activity. A fabulous boat bag, leather bottom straw bag or modern mesh is much better than a roll-aboard for quick getaways. Choose a bag that you are proud of and use that for everything all weekend. If you have to actually carry it…you’re sure to keep it light!

You can do this!