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Olympic Fever


Olympic Fever

I am getting Olympic fever!  It’s that time, every two years that I become over-the-moon proud to be American. I think about all those incredible athletes who have completely dedicated their lives to one moment in time when they want to achieve greatness on behalf of the whole nation.

As with most things, I like to show my support in a creative, fashionable way and when it comes to the Olympics, designers have given all of us plenty to work with.  But if you can’t afford the Ralph Lauren official Olympics gear, you can wave your own fashion flag in small ways like gold fingernails, or pumps, an American flag scarf, sweater or aviator sunglasses.

With the big tourni’ just a few weeks away, it’s time to prep and get ready to show our spirit and style.  You’ll find vintage goods on eBay, check out Etsy for hand made items, look through your closet for all things red white and blue  and checkout the gorgeous supportive Olympics inspired fashion on line. It’s fun! So get into it.

Go Team USA!

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