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My Hands Hurt


This time of year we are encouraged to wash and sanitize our hands more to prevent spreading germs, plus we are cooking and prepping more as we host holiday parties, which means more hand washing.

The cold climate makes things even worse, so by the time we get to the New Year our hands look old, cracked and painfully chapped.

My favorite home remedy for dry hands is a simple one, with cheap ingredients and ease of use.  In a small jar, add 4 table spoons of sugar, either white or brown, to a cup of petroleum jelly and blend well. Keep the jar in your kitchen or bathroom. And every time you go to wash your hands, scoop a little of the sugar/p-jelly mix and add a pump of hand soap. This easy scrub/cleanser will keep your hands soft and moisturized all winter long. It’s an amazing little concoction, thrifty and so effective.

As an extra tip – this home made hand savior makes a sweet and thrifty gift when added to a small mason jar with ribbon.

You can do it!

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