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Easy Halloween Costumes!

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Whether you love or hate Halloween, there is no denying, this holiday is crazy popular and can be crazy expensive. Every year I give you a list of some of my favorite DIY costumes that can be created straight from your closet and this year’s list is super fun and cool.

My favorite costume this year is the Publishers Clearing House winners. All you need is to look like you just woke up, perhaps in your robe and slippers, with a bunch of balloons and an oversized check!  Genius!

Zombies have never been more popular and all this is, is old shredded clothes, fake blood, baby powder and black eyeshadow.  Anyone can do it.

How about a mail-order bride (?) You simply need a white dress and veil, some flowers and a bunch of UPS, FEDEX or US Postal Service stickers all over you. So cute! Especially if your guy dresses as the mail man.

A sweet scarecrow can be created with jeans, brown boots, a plaid shirt, hat and creative makeup. So easy.

And a fortune teller can jump from your closet with just a full skirt, a top, several scarves, beads and boots. Anyone can do this.

So don’t be a Debbie-Downer….go out and have fun this Halloween. It’s easier than you think and you’ll have a great time and make some great memories. You can do it.  And don’t forget your GirlyGoGarter….no one wants to lug a purse on Halloween!