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Cooling Scarves

image001Your grandmother was right. When you over heat the fastest way to cool down and smooth the body is by applying cool or cold compresses to the back of your neck. My grandmother used to do this to me after softball games, while camping and at theme parks. This neck and shoulder area cools you down swiftly and if you can keep this area cool you can stay much more comfortable during hot summer time activities.

Function meets fashion with the cooling neck wrap, a thin scarf or bandana that holds WATER STORING CRYSTALS allowing you to comfortably wear a cool water pack on the back of your neck on hot days. You can find these in stores, but you can also make one in a fabric or size that’s right for you and offer a fashionable boost to your hot summer look.

image003The key to this is the WATER STORING CRYSTALS which you can find in your local garden center. These crystals were developed to hold water for plants and slowly release it. The crystals start out like sand and when they hit water they expand to make a jelly like consistency that will hold moisture for hours and slowly revert back to sand. It’s amazing, and the application here is safe and incredibly effective.

You can sew these crystals into a cotton bandana or scarf you already own, or you can start from scratch. It just takes a simple seam. Then you fill the fabric tube with the crystals, close it off and you’re all done. When you’re ready to hit the heat, you soak your cooling wrap in water for 10-15 minutes to adsorb as much water as possible, drop it in the freezer for a bit for added cooling and viola, you’re neck wrap will stay cool and chic the entire day in the heat.

If you’ve never tried a cooling neck wrap, I’m here to tell you, they work. Just like my grandmother’s cooling compresses, a cooling neck wrap applies cool damp pressure to your neck and keeps your body temperature down. This is a great and fashionable solution for adults, children and animals. Check out some of the pinned instructions on my Pinterest page and stay cool and in style!