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Back-to-School Sales

So, if you’ve been following me for a while, chances are, this time of year, you have heard me speak about the incredible sales that run parallel with BACK TO SCHOOL. ¬†Even if you’ve heard it before, it bodes well to be reminded that this month is a true time of bargain bonanzas!
Every store imaginable is both pushing out summer merchandise to make room for bigger/bulkier winter items, plus over stocked with items that students of every age will need for school and college. Home basics, office supplies, electronics,socks and undies, jeans and sneakers, summer clothes and accessories, plus computers are all on sale in August.
If you need a new computer, sneakers, panties or microwave, honestly, now is the time to shop. There are coupons in your INBOX, online and in the mail for extra savings on everything.
Stop what you’re doing, evaluate your wardrobe and household needs and plan to shop this month. Bargains this good, in this many categories, won’t come around for another 11 months.
You’re welcome.