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Bluing For Your Summer Whites


Do you blue?

This is a centuries-old laundry practice that truly makes your laundry whiter than white by adding a tint of blue to your wash water.

image002If your summer whites have pit stains, sunscreen stains, a yellow cast or dingy gray hue, bluing is for you. By adding just a touch of blue to your all-white wash, you will counter the yellow, dingy color and your whites will appear super-bright. It’s amazing and has been a practice of laundry services for hundreds of years.

Bluing was common before the development or use of chlorine bleach, so if you or your family has a problem with the effects of bleach, bluing is the exact practice for you.

image001There are still two laundry “bluing” products on the market that have been in production since the 1800’s. Bluette and Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing can be ordered online or found in more and more stores as families continue to pass on the bleach.

Summer is here and we only have about 100 days to really enjoy our beautiful whites. So bring them out, enjoy them and revive them when necessary with bluing!

You can do it.