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Back-To-School Must Haves

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The three hot must haves for Back-To-School!

Like it or not school is in session all over the country. Yep, 20% of public schools started back to school this week and Back-To-School fashions are on sale and stacked high on shelves everywhere.

The top three items on everyone’s must-have list for school are overalls, oversized sweatshirts and midi skirts.

The overalls we all wore in the 80’s are back again and yes you can rock them! And that FlashDance sweatshirt can be dusted off as well. Both looks can be added to more tailored items to create a fashionable look no matter your age.

Perhaps you haven’t worn a midi-skirt for years, but if you are someone who looks best in below the knee skirt lengths, you need to shop shop shop, because you’ll find mid-length skirts and dresses for the first time in years. The mini and the maxi have finally given birth to the midi and I for one and thrilled to see a great length back in vogue.

Remember, you don’t have to hit the books to take advantage of BTS deals.   So enjoy the sales and rock the looks even if they’re retro for you. You can do it.