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Your Signature Style!


NEVER WASTE MONEY ON CLOTHES AGAIN. Develop your signature style.

I’ve been working with some real power players the past couple of weeks developing a signature style that will get them noticed and feel completely comfortable.

A signature look is one that if you were to be portrayed in a movie or TV show, the stylist would know exactly what wardrobe pieces would represent your character. A look that identifies you and is what others think of when you come to mind.  A true style identity.

We all know lots of people who have a signature style, Anna Wintour, Steve Jobs, Jay Leno, Audrey Hepburn, Diane Von Furstenberg. These people figured out what worked best for them, their body type, life style and consistently play(ed) to their strengths in their fashion choices.

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Let me warn you. A signature style and a fashion rut, are not the same thing. You want to figure out the parameters of what you like/love and what works, then play within that. Identifying what works, makes it easy.

So ask yourself, if you could only take 6 pieces out of your wardrobe and wear them for the rest of your life, what would they be??  Try and choose a dress, pants, jacket, skirt, top, sweater…and maybe shoes.

Once you’ve identified these things then describe them. Write it down if you’d like. You will start to see that many of the items can be described similarly. Perhaps it’s feminine, crisp, ruffles, colorful, basic, red, etcetera.

This exercise will help you come up with the signature style or even style mantra that you can filter all of your fashion purchases through. Once you are clear on what makes you happy, what you’re attracted to, the way you want people to see you, then you’ll never waste your money on clothes again. All of your purchases will fit your own personal signature style.  It only takes a little specific thought/study and a bit of effort. But it’s totally worth it.

You can do this.