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Traveling With Leather

As we’ve discussed in the past few weeks, leather, and particularly black leather, is a major trend for fall/winter 2018.
I am crazy about leather, but traveling with it and keeping it wrinkle-free can be tough. I have some tricks to show up on your fall vacay with wrinkle-free leather.
First, wrap the leather item in a cotton pillow case. You’ll want to use this like a garment sleeve from the dry cleaner. The cotton wrapping will help it breathe and hold its shape while in your suitcase.
If you have wrinkling once you arrive and unpack, hang the leather garment in the bathroom while you shower to allow the steam to soften the leather. If more de-wrinkling is needed after the steam, use a towel or the cotton pillow case as a cover and use the iron and ironing broad to further press the wrinkles out of the softened leather. A blow dryer is also a great way to further force the wrinkles out.
Remember that leather stretches, so you’ll want to be careful not to pull and stretch the fabric when you’re dewrinkling.
No need to look a mess. You can do this!