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To Fringe or Not to Fringe?

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Let this serve as a gentle warning… one of the biggest “looks dated real quick” trends is headed to a store near you.

Fringe is a classic example of a flash trend that can eat your wardrobe budget and leave you holding the proverbial sequined white glove of fashion in just a few weeks.  Fringe is very hard to care for, for reasons you can imagine, it breaks, wrinkles, tangles, and snags on everything, so it’s either ruined or exhausting to deal with in the blink of an eye.

You will see very high end designers offering fringe skirts, tops, dresses, jackets and accessories in leather and suede this season. So may I suggest you enjoy a fabulous new purchase in suede, the IT fabric of the moment, and simply top it with a small fringed handbag or maybe a fringed bootie.  Skip the fringe suit!  You will hate it by month’s end!

Just a friendly little reminder. You’re welcome!