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Summer Sandal Makeover

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Getting the hottest summer footwear look for less than $5 is easy peezy!  Designers like Kate Spade, Ferragamo, Tory Birch and Dolce Vita (to name a few) have rolled out sweet T-Front sandals with hand-tied bows. These sugary additions to basic sandals completely dress them up and help offer super feminine foot presents for this seasons dresses and shorts.

My favorite thing about this shoe trend is that YOU CAN DO IT YOUR SELF FOR LESS THAN $5 BUCKS!  Choose any of your old sandals from last year, or a new cheap pair, then choose ANY ribbon you’d like. You can coordinate ribbon with a specific outfit or just choose nude or black for a basic update. A yard and a half should be plenty to create two perfect bows and allow for cleanly trimmed ends. You will find that grosgrain ribbon works best because the texture helps keep the bow tied.

I love this!  You can do it!