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Spring Cleaning Your Hairbrush

Spring cleaning your hair…..brush!

image1Okay, when is the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? Weeks, months, years ago?

Trapped dirt, dust, hair and oil in your brush is keeping everything from your pillow to your purse and luggage filthy, and a dirty hairbrush is affecting the look and health of your hair and skin.

I know this isn’t the most appealing topic, but we need to clean our hairbrushes if we want better hair … and skin. Yes, skin! Our hair touched our skin all day and redepositing yuck from our brush back to our hair everyday can effect the luster and health of your hair. But hair yuck also gets redeposited onto your pillow and then smushed into your face!!

My Mammaw used to wash our brushes when she washed our hair. This is a great practice, but if you can’t or don’t do it that often, try weekly or bi-weekly scrubbings with a little shampoo and baking soda. An old tooth brush is all you need with a quick paste of shampoo and baking soda to clean your brush spick and span. If you want to take things to the next level, you can wrap your hairbrush with a hair net. Use it as normal and when you’re ready to clean your brush, simply pull the net off to capture all the hair and dirt.

FullSizeRenderThis trick is simple and amazingly effective, especially with long hair.

It might not seem important, but we spend so much on hair and skin care, this small issue shouldn’t be overlooked.

Clean it up! You can do it.